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  1. C

    General - Streethay Cottage, Lichfield

    This Cottage has definitely fell down a lot more since I visited 2 years ago.
  2. ExploringWithMel

    Report - Windlestone Hall!

    Last year I visited this place for the first time & this is was a prisoner of war camp during WW2! I absolutely love this place as I feel like it has so much history behind it! This place also became a special school for children & also a prime minister lived here too! So, to revisit here once...
  3. F

    This is awkward..

    Hiiiii, I'm very new to this! (literally, 5 minutes..) I've always been super into photography and finding new spots if and when possible, but I lack the man power to go explore as much as I'd like too! Is there any groups around the Sheffield area that wouldn't mind me tagging along? I really...