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  1. Webbs0710

    Report - Dairy Crest, Torrington, June/Aug 22

    Fairly local one for me, and can't pass up such a large site, especially when it's a walk on! Been covered countless times, but it's still clinging on to life. If you're into your Graff, it's more like an art gallery these days. I believe planning permission was obtained for demolition in July...
  2. U

    Report - Okehampton nursing home 3/10/20

    Hey people what’s up sorry I haven’t been active for a long time I’ve been mega busy so though I best upload a thew explores I’ve been on here is a old nursing home with so many items inside I never break in to anywhere or break any rules this place is a big explore and I have a youtube channel...
  3. CalMain

    Report - Tides Reach Hotel, Devon - April 2019

    On a very warm, sunny Easter Sunday myself and two friends ventured to South Devon to the Tides Reach Hotel. Being 22C the beach was packed, we had parked up in the Pay & Display car park opposite and spent a few hours enjoying the sandy beach. Patiently waiting for beach-goers to head back...