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  1. RedEyeJedi420

    Report - Rawroyds Viaduct, Halifax

    I enjoyed my exploration of Hollywell Green and this hidden 14-arch railway viaduct built in 1875 for the Stainland branch line of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. It was abandoned in 1959 and sadly left to be taken by nature. The Viaduct is quite hard to find as it’s hidden amongst the trees...
  2. yernbarr

    Report - Monk Bridge Viaduct, Leeds, West Yorkshire - June 2019

    History The remains of the Monk Bridge Viaduct run parallel to Whitehall Road on the other side of Holbeck. It was originally built as an access route into the old Leeds Central Station, which stood on the site of the Wellington Place office development, and carried the railway over both the...
  3. yernbarr

    Report - Holbeck Viaduct, Leeds, West Yorkshire - June 2019

    History London North Western Railway built the viaduct in 1882 to bypass the congested lines leading to the present-day Leeds Station. It's 1,500 yards long and has 82 arches. The track remains on one side of a gate erected by Network Rail. Trains stopped running on the line in 1988, but the...