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  1. ritual.joint

    Report - Abandoned Victorian house in London

    Happy 2021 everyone! My name is Andras, just joined. This is my first ever report/experience with Urbex. I couple of years back i was very interested joining, but as i was alone and locations seemed to be impossible to found i quickly gave up. :wanker This time was different. I met someone...
  2. B

    Clifton Park House

    owned by the Elliot family from 1845, following the death of Robert Pringle Clifton and the succession of his cousin, Robert Kerr Elliot of Harwood. House blueprints: https://scotlandsplaces.gov.uk/record/hes/136628/clifton-park/rcahms?inline=true Coordinates: Latitude: 55.5342 / 55°32'3"N...