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  1. AzzaB

    Report - North Wales Hosptial, Denbigh - November 2023

    I know this has been done to death but I thought I would post a recent report on this amazing property so people can see the current state of the property and also our experience getting into the property as a few people have had varied experiences based on past reports. I and a mate visited...
  2. Wastelandr

    Report - The Welsh Asylum Gauntlet - April / Oct 2023

    Recently you might have seen my Whitchurch report. Well as promised, here's a roundup of all the Welsh asylums I did on these two trips with @KismetJ plus one in Bristol on the way back along the M4. They weren't all successes, others were the result of multiple visits and planning. This report...
  3. Webbs0710

    Report - Tower Colliery, Hirwuan, Dec 22 - Sep 23

    This has been in the works for a while, as Rhigos Mountain absolutely hates me, and has scuppered my plans to climb/drone the Headframe four times. But I persevered and managed to do everything except the Pit Head Baths, as that remains well sealed, and drone shots STILL. It has of course been...

    Report - Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff - Aug 2023

  5. DustySensorPhotography

    Report - Aberthaw B Power Station - December 2020

    ABERTHAW B POWER STATION THE HISTORY: As with Uskmouth, Aberthaw B was located on the south coast of Wales as a strategic location for the National Grid in order to ensure consistent power to sparsely populated Wales. Burning both coal and biomass, this power station produced 1,560 megawatts...
  6. Mr Sam

    Video - Pen-Yr-Orsedd Slate Quarry - North Wales - November '22

    Pen-Yr-Orsedd is home to the last standing blondin winder in Wales so its worth a visit just to see that! Theres quite a few winder buildings that would of controlled the blondin lift mechanisms then a large mill on the mid lever and a smaller older mill at the base of the quarry with a few old...
  7. dansgas1000

    Report - Beerseba Independent Chapel aka Dead Sheep Chapel, Wales - May 2023

    Introduction This is a place me and @JakeV50 had seen pictures of in the past so we decided to visit as part of our Wales trip back in May. Information & History This lovely rural chapel is marked on OS 2nd Edition Maps as Capel Beer-seba and is an example of many chapels in Wales that were...
  8. dansgas1000

    Report - Penallta Colliery, South Wales - August 2022

    Introduction I visited this and some other places on a short exploring trip around South Wales in summer last year. The main attraction for me was the main powerhouse and the headstocks so this report focuses more on these. I would have liked to have looked at the Bathhouse nearby though but as...
  9. dansgas1000

    Report - Gafnan Corn Mill, Anglesey - May 2023

    Introduction This is a place that myself and @V50jake have done before but we wanted to go back and get some better photos as Jake was using his old Canon from the dark ages and I was using my phone so decided to take another look last month on our Wales exploring trip. History & Information...
  10. dansgas1000

    Report - Water Treatment Works, Denbighshire - May 2023

    Introduction This is one of a few places that myself and @V50jake visited on our trip to Wales at the beginning of May. I’ve driven past this a few times before not paying much attention to it as it looked like an old farm building or derpy house, but we decided to take a closer look and as it...
  11. Webbs0710

    Report - Deep Mine Headstocks, Part 2, Wales & Cornwall, Various Locations, 2022-23

    Here's part two of the remaining headframes in the country. Other than Chatterley Whitfield, the South Wales Coalfield definitely has the best remaining colliery infrastructure I would say. The amount left in Cornwall was rather surprising, made for a decent day out though! Be a while until part...
  12. dansgas1000

    Report - Cemaes Bay Brickworks, Anglesey - May 2022

    Introduction This is a place I wanted to tick off whilst on my North Wales exploring trip back in Spring. I wasn’t expecting much and although there isn’t much to it, I quite liked this place and I found some history on it so I thought it was report-worthy. History & Information Cemaes Bay...
  13. Webbs0710

    Report - Alyn Brick, Tile and Terracotta Works, Coed Talon, May/July 22

    Finally got around to visiting here for the first time earlier in the year on an Urbex trip to North Wales. Didn't do much research prior to the explore, so I went only expecting the remains of a brickworks, I didn't realise the site has been used by various industries over it's life. The...
  14. dansgas1000

    Report - Coach Graveyard and Service Station, Mid-Wales - August 2022

    Introduction A trip to South Wales meant that I had to go to this old bus graveyard. I have always had a bit of a thing for old buses/coaches so I’ve wanted to see since I started seeing it pop up in various places a couple of years ago. I appreciate this has been on the Facebook groups quite a...
  15. dansgas1000

    Report - Horeb Brickworks, Carmarthenshire - August 2022

    Introduction This is one of the many sites I visited recently whilst on an exploring trip in South Wales. It’s been on my to-do list for a while and although it’s only a simple little place I was really keen to do it. Note: This is a re-post following the deletion of the original thread from a...
  16. Webbs0710

    Report - Penallta Colliery, Hengoed, South Wales, March/April 2022

    Haven't seen this posted in a little while, and Penallta is definitely one of the favourite colliery explores I have done, so why not! Not sure how much longer it'll remain though, 2 of the smaller buildings have already been converted into housing, and I believe similar is planned for the...
  17. Webbs0710

    Report - Cwm Coke, Beddau, South Wales, March/August 2022

    Repost Photo Heavy This has been done to death on here, so I'll keep the history brief. Was very surprised how much is still remaining here considering how far the demolition work has progressed, still an amazing site for a mooch :thumb The history - A colliery was first opened in Beddau in...
  18. JakeV50

    Report - Hawarden Corn Mill, Deeside : May 2022.

    Hawarden Corn Mill While on the way back from a few days in Wales ,me and @dansgas1000 decided to give this a look, as we are both partial to a good mill! Constructed in 1769 by millwright Charles Howard under instruction from landowner and local politician Sir John Glynne Bart, Hawarden Mill...
  19. KPUrban_

    Report - Cefn Coed Hospital, Swansea, May 2022

    Cefn Coed Mental Hospital / Ysbyty Cefn Coed Drone Image: Looking North Partially closed in 2015 due to falling patient numbers and the construction of modernised buildings elsewhere, Cefn Coed Metal Hospital has been ventured within for a few years since closure with the tourist visit...
  20. JakeV50

    Report - Gafnan Corn Mill, Anglesey : April 2022

    Gafnan Corn Mill Gafnan Corn Mill is a beautiful two storey, grade two listed building nestled on the Welsh coast. Constructed around the early 19th century, its four walls still contain period machinery, all in near immaculate condition. The internal gears are in very good condition, however...