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  1. MK83

    Report - Octel Bromine Works - Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales - January 2022

    History - Built around 1950 the Octel Bromine works produced bromine from sea water, the bromine was used to produce one of the main chemicals used in the production of anti-knock fluid. Anti-knock fluid is blended with petrol to prevent knock within an engine which can lead to damage and loss...
  2. GRONK

    Report - The Queens Arcade, Rhyl - August 2021

    August 2021 The Visit Okay, so before I go any further with the report, let my say that I wasn't planning on posting this one up, as far as I am concerned I left it way too late. However I have seen I the question pop up in L&R a few times as to whether someone had managed to tick this one off...
  3. MK83

    Report - Maenoffren Slate Quarry Part 2 - Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales - October 2021

    We haven't posted much for the last couple of weeks due to real life getting in the way, namely my van engine deciding to catastrophically give up on life along with having loads on at work but managed to get it all sorted it out in time for this visit. We visited this place for the first time...
  4. CallaWolf

    Report - Rheola Coach House - Aug '21

    This was an unplanned visit - saw an opportunity as I drove past and, thankfully, took it. It's worth noting that, should you visit, the gatehouse is occupied by an irate lady and at least two Great Danes. She wasn't best pleased to see me as I was leaving History The Coach House and stables...
  5. MK83

    Report - Nant y Gadwen Manganese Mine - Rhiw, Lllyn Peninsula, Wales - July 2021

    History - This is the southernmost of a small group of manganese mines near the village of Rhiw. The group, which included the Bennalt and Rhiw mines was the largest producer of manganese ore in the UK in the early 20th century. Nant Mine raised 45,644 tons of manganese ore prior to its closure...
  6. MK83

    Report - Trefor Granite Quarry - Trefor, Gwynedd - July 2021

    We have been visiting the Llyn Peninsula for many years for surfing and have seen this place on the way in many times. We've always wondered what it was and decided to check it out. Turns out its been covered a few times. History - The Trefor granite quarry (also known as the Yr Eifl quarry)...

    Ruperra Castle

    Hi guys, team TAG have been exploring for well over 6 months now, our team consists of Thomas, Annette & Gail . We hope you enjoy our images and we look forward to following some great explorers along the way. Have a good day, team TAG.
  8. H

    Lead or Rumour info - Some sort of Abandoned Building

    Hey Guys Im New here! Just joined today! I joined because I love exploring and im also very curious about this Building Near Welshpool I pass this building on the way to my local shop everyweek and realised its abandoned, no idea on the history of it or anything, but it has a trainline running...
  9. hadalzone

    Report - Llanberis Bomb Store - Dec 2020

    First post! I grew up around derelict military sites so it's fitting that my first report is a dive into Llanberis Bomb Store. History This was an old RAF facility built in 1939 in the location of a disused slate quarry. Its purpose was to store 18,000 tonnes of bombs underground, following a...
  10. _Tylermarkjones

    Report - First spot, Factory North Wales

    Hello everyone, first time posting after many years of lurking with no account! Finally got round to visiting this site in north Wales, didn’t stay too long as I forgot to bring a torch an it was getting dark. Anyone have any ideas of what it use to be? Looking forward to being apart of this...
  11. GRONK

    Report - Ivy Cottage, Gwersyllt - July 2019

    July 2019 The Visit I visited this one with @coolboyslim in summer last year, we didn't really know what to expect as we hadn't really seen anything from it before. The cottage is a two up/ two down with a small lean to on one side, to the rear of the property are a couple of large sheds that...
  12. Justakingphotoz

    Report - 2020 DEMOLISHED - Royal St Davids Hotel Harlech

    I have visited Harlech 4 times in the last 4 years and have usually visited this site each stay. The Royal ST Davids Hotel is a large building that was built on the Harlech coast overlooking the Royal St Davids Golf course. It was built based on Sketches drawn by George Henry Walton. The...
  13. caixdixon


    First post on here. I know this has been done a few times and this isn't my first visit here, but it was a cold foggy day I was bored and wanted get a bit of content up and this is local to me. Maenofferen state mine is now a derelict site. The quarry was opened a short time after 1800 and was...
  14. Joshrowlands

    Report - North Wales Hosptial, Denbigh - February 2020

    Disclaimer: I don’t do reports very often and all photos are taken on an iPhone. It’s just really to show people who might have never been or are wondering the current state. History: it’s been done to the death on here so I won’t go in to detail it’s also well documented all over the internet...
  15. kvtie9

    Caerleon campus, January 2020

    Visited the film set location of Sex Education (Netflix original series) what an amazing place. Quite high security, we got in but then we got caught. Security are inside the main building.
  16. Mr Sam

    Report - Croesor Slate Mine - North Wales - November '19

    So I've had a comment or so on previous reports of excited waffling nonsense I guess i could blame the mild autism or the fact i only write reports when I've had a few to drink and quite honestly when i view reports i scroll past all the jibber jabber straight to the photographs, I cant claim my...
  17. Dee ANK

    Report - Intermediate School for Girls. Cowbridge, Glamorgan. Aug 2017

    I'm still umming and ahhing which of my previous explores I should report on here. I've picked this one as it hasn't been 'done to death' on 28DL and I'm surprised how much info I found about the place while researching today. fyi, Cowbridge is a small historical town 10miles West of Cardiff...
  18. Mr Sam

    Report - Wrysgan Slate Mine - North Wales - Nov '19

    For a few trips Wrysgan had been our back up mine on the way back to the car from another mine but turned out to be our back up mine following Croesor on the other side of the hill. Also while Wrysgan is one of the closest mines from the parking spot its still a bloody darn good hike!! Defending...
  19. Mr Sam

    Report - Cwmystwyth Lead Mine - Mid Wales - Oct '19

    This place has fascinated me from a young age, my Nine (grandmother)(granny crow) lived in a caravan on the edge of a farm for some years at Cwmystwyth in the mid 90s we would drive past the mine workings and slag heaps and i would beg to go and wander around them but was never allowed, By the...
  20. Dee ANK

    Cardiff Newbie

    Hello, I just joined 28DL today! I've been exploring for a while, about 15years I suppose. I grew up in Snowdonia, went to uni in Bristol and now live in Cardiff. Explored a lot while at uni, and was pretty active on the forums then too. I still explore quite a bit here in South Wales and up...