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water tower

  1. Slippin_Jimm

    Report - Water Tower, Hollingbourne Hill - September 2020

    HISTORY This tower doesn't present a lot of history through a scour online. Similar in design and construction to the WT you can see near Herne Bay which I can't get an exact date on, but trigpoints has it logged around 1940/50's if anyone can fact check this it'd be great! EXPLORE After...
  2. Urban Ginger Hog

    Report - Water Tower, Dover. June 2020

    Like many people, I've been dying to get back out on a good explore and blow the cobwebs off. Knowing too well that going out on a solo explore over the past 2-months has been a big no no, from both a safety perspective plus the unnecessary strain any cock up would put on our already over...