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  1. AlikaiCoxy

    Report (Permission Visit) *Pic Heavy!* Shredded Wheat Factory - Welwyn Garden City - June 2021

    History Henry Perky invented the product we know today as 'Shredded Wheat.' After a while of selling his product, the formed a company called 'The Cereal Machine Company.' When building the Welwyn Garden City site, they decided to stick to the name 'The Shredded Wheat Company.' This site was...
  2. N.J.A.A

    Hertfordshire newbie!

    Hello internet! Just another new kid interested in exploring. If you know of any places around the center of Hertforshire (Stevenage, Hatfield, St. Albans, Welwyn, etc.) please let me know! If you're from this area and interested in a meetup, hit me up. There's a small place in Welwyn I have...