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  1. BettyAkers91

    Yorkshire newbie looking for a team/buddy!

    Hi all, I've been interested in getting into urbex seriously for years, I've visited a few local sites that were derelict i.e. impossible NOT to get into, but I'd be interested to go out with more experienced folk in the area. I found an old house nearby where I live recently on a walk (see...
  2. Doug Judy

    Report - Clayton Tunnel - West Yorkshire. May 2021.

    Clayton Tunnel - May 2021. Constructed in 1874, the 1,057yd Clayton Tunnel in West Yorkshire was part of the Great Northern Railways Bradford - Queensbury & Bradford - Keighley routes, unfortunately during construction in 1874 two workers suffered fatal injuries caused by an intoxicated...
  3. Doug Judy

    Report - Barnsdale Tunnel - West Yorkshire. July 2020.

    Barnsdale Tunnel - West Yorkshire, July 2020. Situated on the Hull & Barnsley railway, the 1226 yard Barnsdale Tunnel was opened on the 20th July 1885, westbound traffic would emerge from the tunnel and head towards Wrangbrook Jn which was the diverging point for the Wath & Denaby branch lines...
  4. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Wapping Road First School - Bradford, England - June 2020

    WAPPING ROAD FIRST SCHOOL - Bradford, England - June 2020 HISTORY Wapping Road First School is a Victorian-era Grade II listed building which opened in Bradford in 1877 as a 'board school' under William Edward Forster's Education Act of 1970. The school’s distinguished 123-year history saw...
  5. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Bowling House (aka T&D Industries office building) - Bradford, England - June 2020

    BOWLING HOUSE (aka T&D Industries office building) - Bradford, England - June 2020 HISTORY T&D (Tanks and Drums) Industries PLC was founded in 1905, and the company's line of business included the manufacturing of metal shipping barrels, drums, kegs, pails, wheelie bins, plastic packaging...
  6. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Clifton Fever Hospital - Brighouse - Feb 2020

    Clifton Fever Hospital Brighouse, West Yorkshire February 2020 HISTORY In the summer of 1892, Brighouse became a ghost town. Streets were deserted, schools were closed and church attendances drastically plummeted. The reason for the panic was an epidemic of smallpox, the most dreaded of...
  7. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - J S Jonas Ltd Premises, Bradford, Jan 2020

    J S Jonas Ltd Premises Bradford, England January 2020 - HISTORY Opened in 1876 originally serving as a Victorian Sunday School, this Grade II listed building is located on the corner of Burnett Street and Upper Park Gate, part of the precinct known as 'Little Germany' in the centre of...
  8. Wappy

    Report - Chantry House Wakefield West Yokshire October 2019

    Chantry House.Wakefield has been empty since it shut in 2006 as former council tax and highways building. In 2017 A planning application has been drawn up requesting permission to change the use of Chantry House from offices to one and two bedroom “residential units”. The application has been...
  9. yernbarr

    Report - Leeds Girls High School (Rose Court Nursery), Leeds, West Yorkshire - May 2019

    History Rose Court building was is situated on the same site and the main senior school Leeds Girls High School building. Rose Court was purchased by the High School in 1912 and before this functioned as a private residence. Built of stone construction in a Georgian design the building...
  10. yernbarr

    Report - Monk Bridge Viaduct, Leeds, West Yorkshire - June 2019

    History The remains of the Monk Bridge Viaduct run parallel to Whitehall Road on the other side of Holbeck. It was originally built as an access route into the old Leeds Central Station, which stood on the site of the Wellington Place office development, and carried the railway over both the...
  11. yernbarr

    Report - Holbeck Viaduct, Leeds, West Yorkshire - June 2019

    History London North Western Railway built the viaduct in 1882 to bypass the congested lines leading to the present-day Leeds Station. It's 1,500 yards long and has 82 arches. The track remains on one side of a gate erected by Network Rail. Trains stopped running on the line in 1988, but the...
  12. DenBickinson

    Report - Dobroyd Mills, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - 03/09/2019

    Very Brief History: Originally built in 1829 as a mill. Dobroyd Ltd was founded within the mill in 1919. The mill then closed in 1974. It then re-opened in 1976 under John Woodhead Ltd spinners. Until recent years it housed several small almost 'pop-up' businesses (pictured) including a classic...
  13. ShinyBollocks

    Report - Dawson's Fabric Mill - August 2018

    History: Unfortunately, I do not know the exact history of this exploration, however, it was an active fabric mill until 2003! After Dawson's went into liquidation. When we got home we found out that the business has been up for sale since then. Our Version Of Events: So our trip started on an...