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  1. S

    Report - Deserted Botanical Gardens - Kilcreggan - June 2019

    I am an amateur urban explorer and keen to discover more. The best site I have found so far is the Botanical Gardens I discovered in Kilcreggan, Scotland which I visited on 6/6/2019. I spent nearly 4 hours here exploring all the overgrown pathways and buildings but did not bump into a single...
  2. GreyFox

    Report - Carrongrove Remnants, Denny - SEPTEMBER 2018

    History Carrongrove Paper Mill sat on the banks of the River Carron in Denny, and was established by Gavin Glenny in 1825. The mill is no longer standing, having closed in 2005 and demolished in stages since. However, a short walk from the flattened site, into the woodlands, a couple small...