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  1. Webbs0710

    Report - Deep Mine Headstocks, Part 4, Northern England, Various Locations, 2022-23

    So here it is, the final report* on the remaining Headstocks in the UK! *I'll probably have missed something else, so there may be more in future 🤔 Part 1 - Here Part 2 - Here Part 3 - Here I'm aware of another three that are underground; Bwlch Glas which I mentioned in Part 1 The Sir Francis...
  2. Webbs0710

    Report - Deep Mine Headstocks, Part 3, Scotland, Various Locations, 2023

    So here is Part 3 of the remaining Headstocks in the UK! Slight change of plan, this is now going to be four parts, as the last report is simply too big to post as one. Scotland first, as I need to research a couple of last minute Yorkshire additions for Northern England. Previous parts can be...
  3. Moelwyn

    Report - Glyn Pits Colliery, Pontypool, South Wales

    During March 1994, I spent some time looking at colliery remains in South Wales. This included Maerdy and Tower collieries, the latter of which closed the following month. Whilst I was in South Wales, I took the photographs reproduced in this reports and scanned from the original coloured...