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  1. FKL770

    Report - St Gabriel's Covent / Knolle Park Children's Home - Liverpool, Merseyside - June 2022

    INTRODUCTION This explore was totally unplanned. I was a little bored so I decided to go to strawberry fields to see what its like so I got the bus down walked down to it (on the way noticing an open construction site gate) and then realised that it pretty much isn't a thing any more it has been...
  2. samla89

    Knolle Park Children's Home/St Gabriel's Convent (Woolton, Liverpool, 30/12/2018) PART 1

    Knolle Park Children's Home or St Gabriel's Convent is a grade II listed building in Woolton, Liverpool. It was a children's home run by nuns. Overtime, it had extensions and new buildings added on site. Since its closure in the 2000's, it has been victim to several fires, theft, and vandalism...