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  1. Five.Claws

    Report - Cranes Skoda Dealership & Garage - Marsham, Norfolk - April 2023

    Hello all, long time no see, been over three years now since I last posted on here but I figured it was time to get reporting again. I thought I might be the first to document this place here, and that it might be a bit of an unknown gem but Mikeymutt has a report from last year that shows the...
  2. fastchrisuk

    Report - Abandoned First Bus Depot, Rotherham

    It's been a while since I posted a blog here due to work committments and no play at all lately. This being an Easter weekend, I awarded myself some time off (I'm self employed) and took a tour around my local derelict buildings, what's left of them. Today's 2nd location was an abandoned...
  3. Alice o123

    Report - Redpath Bros Vehicle Maintenance Workshop

    Two weeks ago, I decided to have another look around the town of Wooler after previously driving through it to get to Ewart Park Mansion (another, fantastic abandoned location). Whilst passing through, I picked up on more possible abandoned places that I could return to explore. One that made...