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  1. Webbs0710

    Report - Mimoyecques V3 Bunker, Pas-de-Calais, Aug 23

    I've been in two minds as to whether this warrants a report or not considering it's a museum, but seeming as the only mention of it I can find on the forums is in a similar report on the Blockhouse Museum in Eperlecques, I thought I'd give it a shot. I did have a mooch around the carnage left up...
  2. emotive69

    Report - Middlesbrough ARP WW2 Air Raid Shelter for 367 Persons - Linthorpe Road

    Situated in Middlesbrough in the North East of the UK , the only outward sign this shelter exists is the remains of the ghost sign to the rear of the building above Access to the underneath bunker / shelter is not publically available these images were taken in 2012 but the ARP shelter still...
  3. Webbs0710

    Report - RAF Culmhead/RAF Upottery, Blackdown Hills, Dec 22

    I've been trying to track down all the disused RAF airfields that are relatively close to me, and these two are very close together, so going to cover them in one report. This is mainly because there's very little at Upottery except for the runway and control tower, but it's still interesting...


    THE CHAPPEL & CRYPT Nazareth House (Milton Hall) : Southend-on-Sea "Milton Hall, which is now known as 'Nazareth House', was formerly the manor house of the Manor of Milton and owned by the Priory of Holy Trinity, Canterbury. The Manor was undoubtedly held by...
  5. KyroRetnik

    Lead or Rumour info - RAF Bircham Newton/CITB

    Feel free to take this post with a pinch of salt. Not sure if I believe this myself. RAF Bircham Newton, now known as CITB, was a WW1 and WW2 airfield, which in the 1950s changed hands from the MoD to the CITB. Rumour has it, there are tunnels under the roads. This is the part I'm skeptical...

    Report - Shoeburyness : Old Ranges : Reservoir- June 2022

    Finally we are able to see inside the 'Question mark' ... Old Ranges Reservoir/Tank opposite the Tennis Courts and Commandants House. Someone has destroyed the covering lid and concrete surround.. Clive and myself were looking at another structure nearby and had bought an endoscope with us...

    Report - RAF RIVENHALL - ESSEX - MAY : 2022

    Big Bad Penguin (a mate who's not on 28) and myself decided to do a last minute explore, and found more structures than we had thought we would ... The RAF site, is divided into two with one side repurposed (Polish side) ..and that's taken over largely by quarry works (Northern side)... the...


    For such a long time we have been looking to prove that underground Tunnels/Shelters/Structures can exist within Shoeburyness despite the land being so close to the water table. We did ALOT of research and one day last month decided to go looking for an entrance of some kind that we believed...
  9. Wastelandr

    Report - RAF Driffield (with RAF West Raynham Comparisons) - March 2022

    THE HISTORY This airfield is no stranger to explorers, nor has it had a quiet past, and as such has had its history thoroughly covered online. However, I will recover it below. Also, to make up for this place having been done to death I've added a few side-by-side comparisons with another very...
  10. P

    Video - WW2 RAF Krendi Base Underground Qrendi Malta

    Me and Angelo will explore the Royal Air Force Base / airfield , known as RAF Krendi Airfield, that housed its Operations, Administrative and Signals offices under ground during World War 2 situated in Qrendi Malta. The station was officially inaugurated in 1941 as a diversion airstrip for the...
  11. DE-eVOLVED

    Report (Permission Visit) Red Sands Maunsell WW2 Sea Forts Permissioned Visit (tour) cc2021

    Red Sands Sea Fort Thames Estuary, UK cc2021 Here is the start of my Maunsell, Red Sands Fort report, situated in the Thames Estuary (1 of 3 forts, 2 remain) ..i'll touch on the remaining two Forts at a later time.. OVERVIEW :- The offshore forts, or towers, were originally World War II...
  12. Wastelandr

    Report - Sarre Underground Brigade Headquarters, July 2021

    Hi all, I see a lot of posts on this place are around ten years old now so thought I would provide some newer photography with the nice fat wide angle lens. Not much new to report so this is a fairly quick report, but hopefully of interest anyway. The History There's plenty of information...
  13. Ashpope667


    Dont know much about it.
  14. Rippli

    Question - Hidden Wales with Will Millard Series 2 Episode 5

    I just watched this on iPlayer - all about WW2 activity in Wales. Towards the end, he visits the Langstone Aux OB (Jonah Patrol) near Newport. Then he visits an almost perfect (to good to be true!?) base. Any idea where this is ? Looks so good it must have been looked after over the years, or...
  15. Jenga

    Report - Old Tanks (Scotland)

    A friend and I had heard rumors of abanoned tanks near our town but only knew roughly where to look. After walking almost 5 miles down country lanes and through woods we eventualy found them. I have no idea about the type of tank perhaps some one else will know? Sadly as you cans...
  16. Llama

    Report - Belsize Park Deep Level Shelter, London - December 2020

    History: Belsize Park Deep Level Shelter, was constructed by the government during the second world war, as a means of shelter for the public during the blitz. The shelter was built directly behind Belsize Tube Station, hence the style of its tunnels. Inside, there are two parallel tunnels, both...
  17. Wastelandr

    Report - Cremyll Fuel Depot & Grenville Battery, Cornwall - July 2020

    Went down to Cornwall this summer not far from my old uni haunts to check out some derps. Great bits of history amongst an impressive coastal landscape. So here we've got a kind of 2-for-1, a surf n turf so to speak. Both a WW2 Royal Navy refuelling depot, and a Victorian Palmerston fort...
  18. Abandonedvoyager

    Report - Paulsgrove WW2 radio bunker Sunday 27th of September 2020

    This is the WW2 radio bunker I went to visit another location but unfortunately was heavily guarded so I decided to take a trip to this astonishing piece of history. Now some of you may think this is boring but the fact you are able to be in somewhere that was once apart of a war that’s not in a...
  19. Purplegoat

    Report - Report - Paualsgrove Radio Station, July 2020

    Hello guys. First time poster here not a massively interesting one but I was passing through the area so thought it was worth a look. Its taken me ages to get this posted as the whole reason I visited this site was to test out some 35mm film which I didn't get developed for while. The...
  20. Jadeb

    Unknown in Cliffe, Kent

    Hi all, So went exploring in Fort Cliffe today, found the Fort and the air-raid shelters and then came across this in an open field, but I'm not quite sure what it is... Can someone please help me so I can research the history a little more (still learning! L Thank you