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  1. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Fearnville House - Leeds, West Yorkshire - Jan 2020

    Fearnville House (The Illegal Whisky Distillery) Roundhay, Leeds Jan 2020 - HISTORY Fearnville House is a large, derilict, Grade 2 listed manor located near Roundhay, Leeds which has a long history of abuse and neglect. The Manor was built around 1840 by a Leeds merchant, and Thomas Louis...
  2. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Brunswick Tunnel (East Portal) - Harrogate, North Yorkshire - Dec 2019

    Brunswick Tunnel (East Portal), Harrogate, England HISTORY: Brunswick Tunnel was a railway tunnel in Harrogate opened in 1848 by George Stephenson and the York & North Midland railway company. It ran 400 yards directly below Langcliffe Avenue from the A61 Leeds Road roundabout to the opposite...
  3. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Deli Blanca Cafe - Harrogate, North Yorkshire - Dec 2019

    Deli Blanca Cafe - Harrogate, North Yorkshire - Dec 2019 HISTORY: On Friday 21st June 2019, at 9am in the morning, a huge fire ripped through a vacant shop building on Station Parade in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, totally destroying the unit and causing damage to nearby outlets. The unit was...
  4. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Ambassador House aka South Point, Leeds City Centre - Dec 19

    Have a great Christmas everyone! HISTORY: Once used as the headquarters of the Leeds Development Corporation as well as Leeds City Council's environmental health services, Ambassador House (also known as South Point), closed in 2008. The 57,000 sq ft building was purchased in early 2015 by...
  5. Milhouse

    Yorkshire help

    Hi all, recently got back from Scotland drive round for explores now planning on Yorkshire next weekend, I’m not asking for exact locations but an idea of worthwhile places to go preferably where I could find empty mansions lol
  6. RobbRae

    Report - The White Houe - Pontefract 07/09/19

    So this is my second post & second successful Urbex. My partner in crime is my brother, and since our first visit to Westwood Mill in Huddersfield, we finally manage tonight to find a new site to explore. Not for want of trying, we've scouted some other local sites and now had any joy. So...
  7. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Hallam Towers, Sheffield - October 2016

    One of the first sites that I visited when first being introduced to urban exploring, I wasn't disappointed at the tremendous view of Sheffield that was on offer at the top of this building. You can view all my photos from this explore here on my Flickr. Background: Located in the Broomhill...
  8. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Atkinson Walker Saws, Sheffield - July 2019

    Sadly there isn't much left of this place now, it seems like time has taken its tole on the building and its insides. But nether the less, I decided to delve inside and see what is left of this explore. You can check out all my photos from this explore here on my Flickr. Background: Despite...
  9. A

    Exploring in York

    Hi! I'm Alexandra and I'm 20, a new member and I'm looking for places in York to explore, maybe further if there are places worth it. I would appreciate any suggestions and even anyone to explore with! Thank you :)
  10. T

    Lead or Rumour info - Noob needs leads

    Me and a few of my mates are new to urban exploring and are really struggling to find places. We started to use the 'hell on earth treasure map' but in all honesty it's a bit shit. We mainly want to gain access for photography/videography. We are from Barnsley (Yorkshire) but are willing to...
  11. Bluedragon

    Report - Lord Line, Hull

    This is the lordline building in Hull, built in 1945 to support the worlds largest deep sea fishing fleet, abandoned in the 1970’s. There have been many plans to demolish it or renovate it over the years but strong public opposition to any plans have seen it slowly rot away. There’s nothing left...
  12. Terminal Decline

    Report - Pilkington's Glass factory, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster - March 2019

    Brief History Pilkington's was established in 1826 at St Helen's, Lancashire. Their factory at Kirk Sandall was established in 1922 and has been extended several times over the years. Pilkington's was taken over by the Japanese firm NSG in 2006 and two years later the Doncaster factory was...
  13. Scho264

    Report - RAF church fenton - 2016

    History The station was opened in 1937 and during the Second World War was home to air defense aircraft, a role retained by the station until the 1960s when it became a training station. It closed in 2013 and is now a civilian airfield known as Leeds East Airport. The explore Visited on many...
  14. S

    Bradford Lad looking to explore

    Hi guys I’m from Bradford, I’m looking to get into a bit of urban exploring, Iv done very little in the past and would just like to see if there is anyone local who knows some good places or if there is anyone wanting to link up and explore!
  15. Provingdemons


    HISTORY Built as a vicarage around 1904, on land donated by FJ Savile-Foljame to serve the rapidly growing mining community. For decades it served as the original vicarage for St Lukes Church, until a modern, smaller vicarage was built in the early-mid 1980's. During its time as the vicarage...
  16. Provingdemons

    Report - Cellars Clough Mill, Marsden, June 2018

    A fascinating site, located in Marsden, I really enjoyed walking through this cotton mill, believed to be shut in the 80's. The amount of bat's here was incredible, they flew around you in big packs like watching a flock of birds. Overall not much is originally left anymore except a few bits...
  17. C

    New member!!

    Hi everyone! Not sure how all this works! So much to read I’m from Scarborough and looking for places around here to go explore?? Old, scary, haunted, abandoned etc!! If anyone knows any please help!
  18. Provingdemons

    Report - School Accomodation, Wentworth, South Yorkshire, uk, May 5 2018

    A school accommodation directly across what was a Victorian age school, now being used as a police dog training ground. this location isn't gated off at all but is used for air soft during the day. with over 6 buildings to explore, this location was worth the trip. spent a good hour on site just...
  19. Provingdemons


    The home of a disgraced doctor, left to rot. The location is simple enough to find though it is directly off a busy road, once in, there are many rooms and pathways to wander around. Old books ripped up and layed around the building, and even a swimming pool out back.