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Report - 1 Commercial Street, London // 2011

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This crane has become somewhat a safe haven for me over the last few months. With laughable means of entry and escape, I've been up here about 10 times at all times of day and night with various members of company. It lies on the eastern side of the border between The City and the rest of London and the cops simply have better things to do than bothering to chase a few kids off a building site. On one occasion upon exit, a group of street thugs I'd seen before were blocking our climb and we were forced to find another way out. Being the scrounging teenagers we are, we got creative with the contractor company's debris and equipment and climbed across to the hotel parallel and take the lift to the bottom floor, enjoying the complimentary chocolate at reception.

I only took my camera up on one occasion with a friend of mine though the weather put a halt to photographing the scale of the sprawl usually visible on clearer days. I've had a very low tolerance towards photography as of lately after the death of my most used lens but I'm finally beginning to get back into the swing of things now my GCSE exam timetable thins and I can actually break the pattern of apathy that has been limiting any new image material to be created.

I recommend checking out Forsaken's great report and also Señor Winchester's story behind Sir Nebula's jib climb while you're here.





Purheace and lurrrve to y'all ;)


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