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Report - 10/6/16 - Abandoned Cinema/Theatre Moseley Birmingham


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The Building
Its a disused and very old cinema/theatre in Kings Heath, Birmingham called The Kingsway. It was a former cinema then refurbished into a gala bingo place which closed in 2007, there was also a fire in 2011.
We was given the location by a friend and decided to check it out.

The Explore
At first glance it seemed like there wasn't a way in, but after having a small search we realised we had to climb a wall.
After helping one an other over the wall we searched for an entrance and found a fire exit door open around the back of the building. Upon first entry I noticed nature had clearly taken over, and the place was pretty much destroyed. We looked around everywhere and even found our way onto the roof, which i thought was a bit dangerous as there was a hole in the floor! After searching everywhere we could and finding some old tapes and film caps we headed out to leave, as we was climbing over the old cinema chairs, a piece of the wall came down and almost hit me on the head I was very lucky it missed.

Here is some photos and a video of the Explore, Enjoy :)











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The name is in 5 foot letters on the front, so there is a clue :)

It is also in King's Heath, not Moseley!

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My local and favourite, gone.
So glad to see this (the above, not the destruction) I often drive a coach past here and every time I do I think "I must go and explore that sometime". Now you`ve given me a taster, thanks.

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My local and favourite, gone.
Hey guys, I`ve got a follow-up to do on this one. I started to write the blurb but couldn`t find a way of uploading my pix without a url, can anyone advise me please? I`m new at this. X

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