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Report - 100 Middlesex Street, London, Nov09


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Place: 100 Middlesex Street
Location: London
Height: Around 110 metres
Visited with: Mito, Urban Explorer Extraordinaire

Well, everybody seems to be at it at the moment, posting their 100 Middlesex Street reports, so here is my contribution. It was a cold and rainy evening, but interestingly enough I managed to take some of the best UE pictures I’ve ever taken. The colours came out really well, and I suspect it might have been the light rain that really spiced up the colours.

I usually like to tell a tale and ramble on about the explore, but I haven’t got time for this at the moment. I’m in the middle of a psychology research project (interviewing women about their sexuality no less, not as fun as an explore of course, but it comes pretty close ;)). So here are the pictures.


The Gherkin and Heron Tower next to it


Hum... a bit of green and a church I suppose


Ah, that's better, the obligatory crane shot


Mmm, that church again, and a view that goes all the way to the horizon


Heron Tower of course, and a strange blue roof at the bottom


My favourite shot, looking over the city all the way to Canary Wharf


Having a good look around, trying hard to look casual while freezing my balls off. Not easy I assure you.


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