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Report - 100 Middlesex street, london


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28DL Full Member
Visited with Hydra & Silentmotion, had a good time at the top, swapping stories, lenses and just watching the view go past, was really nice :p

3 are shot in digital, the rest are on cheap grainy 35mm film, its pretty obvious which are which.


The Gherkin and the shorter black tower with the really noisy roof fans!


wideangle london showing the heron now dwarfing the previously considered 'tall' gherkin, in this shot heron was basically topped out @ 46 or 47 stories, the 150ft spike has yet to arrive.


Looking out east towards canary wharf, below is a derelict street of terraced houses, its up for sale, and I really fancy it :D


miss.hydra looking pretty happy!


silentmotion riding the tower, from the top of the crane you can easily see the streets running down both sides of the buidling, makes you feel like you are almost standing over th edge despite being a good 4metres from it, a really unnerving but fantastic sensation.


I got silentmotions fisheye on, and set to work distorting the landscape


click the link for bigger version, its a bit grainy thanks to cheap iso400 film, the quality of film REALLY makes a massive difference to the quality of shot you can obtain


shameless self shot sat hanging over the edge, watch out, those hand barriers AREN'T all that secure ;)

I think that makes 4 london skyscrapers now conquered for me, roll on the next!

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