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Report - 122 The Rock, Bury - May 2016


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122 The Rock


I found myself at a loose end on a sunny day in May and, as I happened to be walking past at the time, I made my way into one of the many apartment buildings situated in the Rock. A jog up many flights of stairs (probably nothing compared to the really tall skyscrapers and stuff people do, but eh, in Bury this building counts as tall) finally resulted in me being stood underneath the access hatch for the roof. A bit of creative thinking and I was up...




I'm not a good enough photographer to make full use of my DSLR just yet, so usually I stick with my PowerShot bridge camera when doing rooftops - however, I'd left this at home due to the impromptu nature of this explore so some of the pictures aren't fantastic. Having the ISO ramped up to 1600 didn't exactly help either...





The Rock has many more apartments to be conquered. The only issue is, a few of the residents are extremely nosy...​

Choo Choo m8ty

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Nice to see you keeping busy m8ty. Thx for report

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