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Report - 18 Fetter Lane Crane Climb + insane grip from 100m


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Hi guys, first I would like to apologize to the senior members and the community about my Kingsway thread. As I am only 17 and new to the game please bear with me as I learn and grow. Now straight to the climbing!

This site caught my attention very early on and appears completely safe to climb with xxx whatsoever. There are xxx xxxx xx so I decided to give it a go on a xxx with my selfie stick and GoPro Hero 4 as usual! ;)

Getting in is xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx devices and even the cab was left unlocked!

The Last picture is from the x Holders at xxx Green! please don't try this as you may fall!

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Joke obviously. Someone better explain this.

You shouldn't have tried it either, it's just stupid tbh. Don't become an inbred dullard like JK.
I agree, I think JK gives a bad name to those who climb for the pictures and don't hang and do things that cranes were never intended for.


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28DL Full Member
O T's last comment was priceless, nearly wet myself laughing.

Unfortunately some people will always do seriously crazy stuff irrespective of risk. I only hope they 1. Don't get hurt 2. Don't ruin it for the rest of us.

There can be little doubt that jk's insistence on publicising his exploits in such detail has gone a long way to making sites and cranes more difficult for everyone else.


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Loving the cab shot mate BUT You took a selfy stick with you.. Fuck me I have seen it all now, that'S the shit my 5 year old daughter takes exploring with her
Whats wrong with a good old selfie stick?
As long as you don't blur your face (which I agree defeats the purpose especially on a crane where prosecution in my case will never really happen) , I don't see the issue with a great perspective that cannot be achieved any other way.

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