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Report - 1880 channel attempt – June 2008


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Ok so ive got hundreds of photos and just cant seem to find the time to sort them and get some reports up so ive decided to stick up a couple of old reports that i wrote out a while back and never posted. To the best of my knowledge all these sites are still open!

ok firstly i would like to say a big thanyou to Powersurge for inviting me along to this place.
I dont think its somewhere i would bother going back to, i hate walking and this is one LONG walk to the entrance.

I have added a couple of pictures from the day. We visited the channel tunnel first thing, then on to the old folkestone station and finally i showed Powersurge round Road of Rememberance.

anyway on with the report:

From as far back as Napoleonic times there had been proposals for a channel tunnel and in 1875 planning on both sides of the channel became serious. There were earlier attempts than this one on the english side but they were unsuccessful and all flooded. But, at abbot's cliff near folkestone a test bore was sunk in 1880 along with another at shakespeare cliff in 1881. THe government became worried that a channel tunnel would make britain vulnerable to invasion meaning that very little work proceeded after 1882 untill the project was abandoned in 1898. originally the bore was planned to be completed by 1886.

Today the tunnel is very unstabe and in a state of disrepair. there has also been very recent downfalls meaning one of the main features being the carving dated 1880 is no longer visable.

audit leading to the 1880 bore attempt.

some light paining

some various photos of the bore...notice the condition getting worse as you get further in :eek:




finally a couple of photos of sunny folkestone...what a day to go exploring :D



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