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Report - 19th Century Skinburness Hotel, Cumbria (July 2016) + VIDEO REPORT!


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28DL Full Member
Hello again folks, this week my friend and I explored the 19th Century Skinburness Hotel in Cumbria.

Before we carry on, we did also make a very interesting video of this exploration, please feel free to give it a watch!

We've been to the site before as we were passing by but were not able to get access, we went again on Sunday to take some exterior photographs for a newspaper article that's being written about us and we noticed that someone had made an entry point! :Not Worthy

My friend wrote this history about the site on his blog (click the text to see his full blog post):
We entered the building via this new access point and were greeted by the bar just outside the ballroom, we could see the mess that the ballroom was in so we left that until we were on our way out!

We ventured through the ground floor of the hotel, most of it was pretty bare and showed signs of fire damage, this was due to kids (according to the neighbour we had a chat with)

We continued on and came across this lovely corridor, there are comparison images on our video so make sure you give that a watch (even subscribe if you feel nice :thumb) - www.youtube.com/c/leerielly

We entered one of the doors just off this corridor and it took us into the swimming pool room, granted the pool wasn't the biggest pool in the world but it was a decent size and had a nice jacuzzi at the back of the room too! - I doubt it worked though :(

Weirdly enough, right next to this swimming pool room was a bedroom, it looked quite a sizeable room in comparison with the others but I can't understand why there was a bedroom with a pool on the other side of the wall :confused:

We headed upstairs towards the rest of the bedrooms and at the top of the stairs was this lovely window with the eerie curtains, people have said to me that it reminds them of "The Last of Us" but I don't get the reference!

We headed back downstairs after checking out the pretty bare bedrooms, we carefully went down this pitch black corridor, luckily we had our camera lights! - This corridor led us past the kitchen and into the main "lobby"/check in area/entrance of the hotel...

We headed back down towards where we entered the building, we wanted to check out the "ballroom" before we left...

The ballroom was clearly a mess and was very damp obviously due to having no roof! - We got a few nice panoramas of the room and then we left, another exploration to check off the list! :cool:

My friend's blog where he posted his perspective of the exploration: https://offlimitsexploration.wordpress.com/2016/08/05/skinburness-hotel/

Again, if you'd like to see our video and find out more about this building then please check out our video:



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well done with this, I went in May last year also did a report on the place, looks like it's not changed one bit! Maybe the curtain twitching neighbours help. And I think my access point was less straight forward, sounds like yours was a doddle. Glad the place is still on the map. Just.
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