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Report - 20 Fenchurch Street London - May 2012


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First the obligatory piece of information courtesy of Wikipedia

20 Fenchurch Street is a skyscraper under construction in the City of London. It has been nicknamed the Walkie Talkie and the Pint because of its bulbous top. Upon completion, the building will be 160 m (525 ft) tall, with 36 storeys.
Costing over £200 million, it is designed by the Uruguayan-born architect Rafael Viñoly and will feature a highly distinctive, top-heavy form which appears to burst upward and outward. A large viewing deck and 'sky gardens' will be included on the top floor; these will be open to the public.
The tower was originally proposed at nearly 200 metres tall, but was scaled down after concerns about its impact on St Paul's Cathedral. It was subsequently approved in November 2006. Even after the height reduction there were continued concerns from heritage groups about its impact on the surrounding area. The project was subsequently the subject of a public enquiry. In July 2007, this ruled in the developers' favour, and the tower was granted full planning permission.
In their preliminary results for 2007, Land Securities confirmed the tower would be completed in 2011, however in 2009 this date was pushed back to 2014.

Following my last trip to London which ended up with us getting banged up for getting caught in Battersea power station before we managed to get into control room A, we thought we'd give it another try and have a go at 20 Fenchurch Street too while we were up there.

You might be wondering why I'm waffling on about a trip to Battersea if this is a report for Fenchurch Street. Well I'll enlighten you!

Big thanks to Kevin Arnold who helped me out with some info. This visit was with Innercityrob and EvilGenius and was to be a quick explore to finish off what we missed last time. However, it turned out to be one of the fastest bails on an explore to date.

We made our way into Battersea the same way as last time, hid under a rail archway and spotted a car parked by the front of A-side. It didn't move for about 15 minutes so we decided to make a bolt for it to the cover of the big grass banks. No sooner had we broken our cover and were bounding across no-mans-land, the car door opened and out jumped a security guard. Fucking great! Mayday, mayday, we did a quick 180 while the guard stuck his head into the car to pick up his walkie talkie and hi-viz jacket and legged it back to our entry point. Unfortunately, getting out isn't as easy as getting in due to there being a grand total of fuck all to step on. Lucky for us, mid chase, the guard stopped to put on his hi-viz jacket (wtf)!! By this time we were all over and out and disappearing into the big city!

So... onto the tube and head for Fenchurch Street. When we arrived it was still a bit light, we circled the site, spotted the guard and his cabin and a couple of potential entry points and then buggered off for a Dominoes. Not the best thing to eat before you're about to climb just under 1,000 stairs, let me tell you!

Fast forward an hour or so and we're back and inside. We search around and find our way to the main core stairs, fast forward another 20 minutes and we've reached the top, mostly de-clothed and panting. This was our first proper high building and the views were jaw dropping. When we got to the top it was calm, we climbed the crane and within minutes the wind was howling and spots of rain were in the air. This made for some difficult conditions for photo's.

We came back down and took some more from the roof of the core and then headed back down stopping off on a balcony to take some pics of The Shard. This is when we bumped into Error606 and a couple of his mates and scared the shit out of them haha!

We chatted and headed for the exit. Not to break the current trend of getting busted, we were somehow spotted by security again :rolleyes: and he came bounding over like a fucking possessed animal grunting and shouting at us. The other 2 made it out while I was grabbed. I calmed him down a bit and told him he's not allowed to touch me and then I slipped away as well.

So on with the pics










Please excuse the rain spots on the next 2 shots.



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