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Report - 2009-06 Guildhall Rooftop, Hull


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After a tip off from Squirrel I decided it would be rude not to visit it, so I texted Devster to hatch a plan, only to be sent a picture of it straight back –he was already on the case and word has it its been doable for ages people have been seriously missing out.

The Guildhall was designed as Law Courts and Council offices for the City of Hull. The Law Courts are no longer used and the whole building is now used for council purposes and is usually referred to simply as "The Guildhall". It is recognised as one of the most distinctive pieces of architecture in the city. Designed by the architect Sir Edwin Cooper and the accompanying sculptor was Albert H. Hodge


Looking across the roof towards the statue of the Maritime Prowess, who is drawn by sea horses:


Looking Down Alfred Gelder Street:


Devster taking shots from the roof tops:


One of the Daughters of Neptune:


I love stone work and respect it and those that crafted it, the number of man hours in creating the stone work on that building is off the scale. We were obviously very careful not to do anything that could potentially damage anything, and trod carefully and smartly in our movements, that’s not to say we didn’t get up close and personal to the magnificent works, Britannia in a chariot drawn by lions:


Many explores have reminded me of the book Night Climbers of Cambridge but none more so than this.
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