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2019 Big Meet Up

The Stig

Urbex = Nosey Bastard
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After getting the go head from OT here is the information for the new general big meet up/get together
This is open to everyone, new members are more then welcome to come along (as long as your over the age of 18 of course)

9th March 2019

The meet up is at The Dragon Inn, Birmingham

Usually the meet starts around late afternoon/early evening till last orders and getting thrown out. People plan to meet up morning time for a days of adventure before the actual meet. as well as afterwards when we get thrown out, the usual is going roof topping, but that isn't compulsory.

As per usual here is some links to hotels which are near by the venue


Holiday Inn

Ibis Budget

Let the fun begin


Maglite size T-rex, It's time for urbex!
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As usual I'll try my best to be in attendance..... Definitely up for any daytime adventures, whether or not they involve drains and dramatic rescues :thumb


I call bullshit!
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I'm going to make a real effort to not work this one!

Either way I think I'll be organising some slippy-slidey, splishy-sploshy stuff for the Friday and Saturday - Birmingham has loads to have at!
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