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20th Anniversary of my trip to Paris and Vienna


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July 14, 2001.

That’s pretty much the end of my exploring. I went and checked out the theme park with the Ferris Wheel that is seen in The Third Man movie. I think it’s the oldest Ferris Wheel in the world. There were two and they were bombed in the war and they used the parts to make one good one. I don’t even know if anything in this paragraph is true or not :)
The third minute is NSFW

July 17 to 21, 2001.

Spend some time in Munich with no Urbex (yeah, I’m crazy) and met up with Gilligan again.
Gilligan rocks up to find the motel has a lock out after 10pm. He tries calling out to me and some guy throws Gill down a blanket and he sleeps on the door step. Meanwhile I’m inside with my head or arse in the toilet with gastro. We both spend a couple of days recovering (Gill still had his virus that saw him miss things like The 14th District).

July 22, 2001.

7 train trips across Germany on a Vockender ticket

July 23, 2001.
Maastricht. Gilligan and I accidentally walk into Belgium and have a beer.


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28DL Full Member
July 24-27, 2001.
Rotterdam. I like this place.

July 28-29, 2001.
I also like Den Haag too. I had a chat with an old local who seemed friendly until I got used to his accent (sounded South African) and realised he was telling me how “we whites were the supreme species (he said that) on the planet”. I left him yabbering away as I headed to the beach. He’d be dead by now.

July 30, 2001.
Back to Rotterdam to meet Gill.

Aug 1 to 5, 2001.
Spend 5 days checking out Amsterdam.

Aug 6, 2001.
My only memory of Ho Chi Minh City was the traffic!

Aug 7, 2001.
I get back to Melbourne thinking that I could never get interested in Australian drains again.
That night I went and spent a couple of hours up at The Pillars in Northcote Golf Course Drain. I missed my good old faithful Melbourne drains :)