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28 meet

mockney reject

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I’d throw something Essex based on the mix but can’t think of anywhere decent or not full of Towie cunts. It would be nice to have something “southern”.

although Cardiff gets my vote. Nice place and loads of derp nearby.


Mr Reality Hacker
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Stoke.. We could all do alley law and get chased by helicopters at alton towers :p :p


Mr Reality Hacker
28DL Full Member
Alley law who’s that ? Sounds like a cock to me.
Absolutely a bell end. Stopped us from ever going back. Cunt should have stuck to Denbigh


Queller of the uprising
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It’s probably a bit late in the year now for a 2021 meet to be organised and set as a lot of work goes into the concept and consideration but planning will start for a 2022 meet in the near future with more notice.

I’m sure an admin will chip in and give a definite answer on if anything has been organised if people are on tenterhooks (not that any meets rely purely on admin action).