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Information - 28DL is ten years old this year...


28DL is ten years old this year.

Here's some numbers;
  • The forum has had nearly 193,000,000 page views since it started.
  • We've had nearly 1.1 million posts and 95,000 threads created in that time.
  • If you joined today, you would be about the 85,000th member.
You can't see all that of course, people come and go, threads get archived and replies deleted. Some lesser forums are disproportionately large because they never clean anything up. That'll come in handy when people want to research the earliest known use of 'nice pics mate' in an urban exploring website I suppose. PS If you want our VB archiving plugin just ask, it would be nice to have a level playing field.

We've changed style 4 times, hosting 3 times, software twice and upgraded more times than we can count.

Right now, this minute, there are people browsing threads from every point in our history. This traffic comes from within the forum itself, links from other websites, and search engines. Despite the constant struggle with 'Facebook Exploring' and the informal rivalry with other websites, traffic is constant, and in real terms we're busier than we have ever been at any point in our history.

So that's what we've done and where we are at. 28DL is built on the users and their content. The admins, moderators and members have spent untold time getting everything where it is today. Now, as a community, we can do more because we've got a great website that's developed over the years. We're constantly looking for ways to improve, within the constraints of the software of course.

Spare a thought for the people that went before you, your peers right now, those that will start this pastime in the future, and the countless other people that will be grateful for the information and pictures that we have as a group. Regardless of whether you are a new member, an old hand or a lurker, it's easy to contribute and give something back to the community;
  • Post a report
  • Reply to a thread
  • Help somebody out
  • Post some locations into the database
  • Make a banner ad or two
  • Donations of any size are always accepted with gratitude.... this software doesn't buy itself and we're not on some decrepit cheap server.
If you've ever been inspired by a report, visited a location you found on here, gained some knowledge, or just enjoyed using the website, have a think about it. That wouldn't have happened without somebody else's action from the list above.

So that's our little update, thanks for reading it.

Finally... Be safe and don't take unnecessary risks.




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I for one am grateful to all admins and anyone who's researched/posted anything thats caught my interest in the past.

I found this forum back in '06 completely by chance... And finding out that this absurd hobby we all partake in was an actual thing was like someone taking blinkers off me, I started looking at everything differently, not just the physical city around me, but my attitude to what I should and shouldn't do, where I should and shouldn't go, completely changed. I found an outlet for that part of me that had always wanted to "break the rules" but never had the balls.
I've been places and done things I never imagined I would before finding 28. I've made good mates. I was inspired to go out and buy a camera and that's led to people actually wanting to pay me to take photos of shit; it's unbelievable.

So thanks to everyone who's helped run this place for the last ten years and everyone who likes to trespass for fun just like I do. Here's to another ten.


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@Kaplan Couldn't have said it better myself.

Although I haven't been exploring or on the forums anywhere near as long as '06, in the small amount of time I have been getting involved in this crazy hobby my limited experiences echo many of your sentiments above.

It's opened my eyes to a wealth of experiences all around me that I never would have even noticed, considered or had the balls to try before. I've seen stuff and been places I never thought I would ever have experienced and it also gave me the added incentive to pick up a camera and try to learn how to use it, something I probably never would have done otherwise. The fact that I've still barely scratched the surface of it all still makes it just as exciting as the first day I found the forum.

Being on the forums and having the privilege of seeing all the amazing stuff some of the more experienced guys are still doing day in / day out gives so much incentive to keep pushing my own boundaries. I've met some top folk and made some great friends, have memories and experiences I'll treasure for life and even a few dodgy photos as a bonus to (hopefully) bore the grandkids with one day. All this stemmed from coming across 28 one day and thinking "I'd like to try that".

To all the Admins and Mods, keep up the good work, it's hugely appreciated and here's to another ten years. Who knows what kind of crazy stuff will have been done by then. :thumb
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I've only been exploring for four years, all thanks to this site. A chance encounter while googling for a similarly titled zombie film had me wide eyed at some of the places people were going. A few weeks after seeing this there were three of us on our first explore, stood in an underground service reservoir with 2 shitty cheap head torches and a p7 between us, taking my very first (and very poor!) long exposures in total darkness. (report here if anyone can be bothered! --> http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/underground-reservoir-bolton-march-2011.t66892 )
Thanks to this site I've met some great people and been to some awesome places!

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Ten years, bloody hell! I'm trying to remember how I found 28DL, seems I've been a member for only 5 years now.

Always lurked in derelict buildings and popped down tunnels, mines and culverts, most people thought I was strange. I'd post my photos of Flickr and soon collected a few contacts who did similar things. It was only when I started researching stuff for when I was working away 28DL kept up cropping up as well as user names I was familiar with from Flickr.

After I posted a few reports I was lucky enough to bump into a few local people, well it was Ojay on a set of crutches. First outing was dragging him across many fields to get to a remote reservoir overflow on his crutches, only to cross the car park at the end! A couple of other comedy outings lowering him into mills on a rope and hauling him out after I'd managed stopped laughing due to his crutches sinking through the rotten timber floors.

As with many people on here I did look around the other sites once I knew there were places to look for information and share reports, it didn't take me long to realise that as far as I was concerned 28DL was the best place to post my reports, some will disagree but liked the fact it had to be more than a pile of stones in a field and you had to attempt to get some history of the place visited otherwise it was deleted or worse still put in the Fetid Pit of Despair.

28DL has given me many hours of entertainment over the years; whether it's just talking bollocks in the Chatroom or researching places to visit, a wealth of knowledge I can tap if required and many folk I have met and explored with and a fair few I have just typed messages to I count as good friends.

Top effort by the Admin with the recent changes, still getting use to the new look myself, but like everything I see and finding new things most days.
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The Kwan

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I found myself on 28 thanks to an interest in photography, but I can honestly say that I have made friends on here that are proper friends and with whom I talk to every single day, and I know that I have not been around since the beginning but in the time that I have been here I will say that I have never seen the place look better or more interesting than it is now, credit to the folk who did the deed and put the effort in, you did good!
Heres to ten more years.


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Not been a year for me yet but am loving this hobby with a passion I've not felt for a very long time. I look back at my first attempt at mines and laugh now at how proud we were to make it to Cath on only the second attempt.

Met some amazing people too and found a lot of new interests. I really couldn't ask for anything more. thank you for everything!