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Report - 3 Fail, Manchester - October 2010.


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A culverted section of the Chorlton Brook


Originally visited this place with Thompski back in May, in search of 3 Phase.

We headed to the Outfall, after not managing to gain access at the grilled Infall.

I went into the left tunnel and started sinking fast, it was deep, so I quickly moved onto the second tunnel on the right.

Hmm, I could see the floor, yeah rite, as soon as I went forward about another 6 ft my waders breached and I sunk into the silt below and was pissed wet through much to the amusement of Thompski.

The only way this is do-able is dinghy, but tbh not worth the effort. The Infall has a big metal grill which isn't passable and is next to a major active Police base. There were around 15 dog training units on-site when we went for a mooch.

I'll be back......

Fast forward 5 months and I met up with Beyondrules who was up for a mooch.

It was chesties v Thigh wad0rs, neither of which were any match for the Outfall, as it was worse than ever as I opted to take the plunge once again, sinking fast into the silt, it was a case of GTFO.

Not to be beaten by this little bitch we went to check out the Infall.

Thats right a Police training ground, with CCTV :eek:


Meh... Round the palisade we go, into here


There has to be a way in FFS... After lifting a couple of lids we managed to find a way :D


Once down, 2 brick tunnels,


and a concrete overflow


We headed into the Right tunnel first.

This was the main culvert of the Chorlton Brook.


The water was fairly shallow to start with,

looking back you can just about make out the Infall


We passed this curious inspection chamb0r on the way, wot no ladders?


(there was an identical one opposite in the other tunnel)

Then around 200 yards in, it began to deepen and then there was the silt.

This was grim and certainly no match for thigh waders, although I was wearing chesties, there was no way we were going any further, as we were now sinking fast into some festering silt, with no easy way out.

I took one photo to remind me never to come here again.


We then headed back to the Infall


Next up the Left tunnel,


this was much drier (to start with),


We managed around 100 yards before the water level began increasing


then it got gradually deeper as we approached the same point we were on the opposite side, we were now thigh deep in turdy water.

There was some fairly mahoosive fish in here swimming around, soon to be replaced with fanny plasters, and then it began to silt up.

We knew there was a CSO downstream, (3 Phase) but never made it that far, as once again, breach and now my wad0rs were leaking FFS.

Shouts to Beyondrules, I'm glad I finally got to see this place again, BUT a proper little bitch of a drain!

The CSO (3 Phase) possibly only accessible by Dinghy now....?

(Never again?) - Anyone got a dinghy :D
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