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Report - - 3 Notheast Shipyards, 29/2/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - 3 Notheast Shipyards, 29/2/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
At a loose end so volunteered to drop the wife off at work so i had use of the car. I thought it would be a good idea to try 3 shipyards in a day, i realise they have all been done before wondered if they have been done in the space of around 5 to 6 hours. My first site was Pallion eng Sunderland. On with the pics.



strange to see the light still on in here this room is from the building in the first pic very little left inside.


This is the ground floor of the more modern building furthest to the east i have never been on this level before it seems it had a joint useage this part appeared to manufacture christmas decorations this is the office.



This is still on the same level and this office seemed to be more to do with the Pallion eng side of things though i maybe wrong. Now onto Hebburn and Hawthorn Leslie.




The place is even more trashed since my last visit a great shame there was paperwork strewn all over the place including plans of ships etc very sad.



Couldnt resist this one looking over to Swans the final pic from here, now a short drive up stream to my final destination Tyne dock eng.


One of these ferries broke loose in the gales of last week and ended up colliding with the Northern producer rig (pictured on left) fortunately no one was injured. Should have got here last week to photograph it a rare sight indeed.


One of many old bricks on site.



Trashed office a common sight today.


Final pic of the day shortly after this pic the wind really got up and it started to piss down so perfect timing and a very enjoyable day though a little sad to see these once great ship yards looking trashed and derelict.