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Report - - 30/9/07 - Cane Hill | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - 30/9/07 - Cane Hill

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On one rather bracing September morning, RA and J_Cadet set off to infiltrate one of the UK's most infamous of loony bins...Cane Hill. Built in 1882, this lumbering "Radiating Pavillion" style asylum has been left derelict and festering for 15 years and has been gnawing away at the darker cavities of my mind for the past 4. Once both my feet were firmly planted in its interior I had time to take stock of the fact that finally...I was in.

With thanks to my new friend and his shared passion for all things derelict and is my first photo report from inside Cane...






A few interesting things to know about Cane...

-Architect: Charles Henry Howell
-The water tower of the asylum still houses a low-power analogue television repeater belonging to National Grid Wireless.
-Ex patients include: mother of Charlie Chaplin, and the brothers of Michael Caine and David Bowie.
-The original cover of The Man Who Sold The World by Bowie features the administration block of the hospital.
-An attempt to list the buildings in 2006 failed; it did have local interest (in particular the Administration Block and the Chapel) but better examples of early echelon asylums exist. Which is inaccurate as Cane Hill is not an early echelon asylum; it's an unique example of a transitional type, best described as "Radiating Pavillion".
-The hospital is in the middle of the London green belt which has hindered development plans and resulted in the ongoing decay and neglect of the buildings and surrounding area.

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Re: 30/9/07 - Cane Hill - REPORT

Nice to get back in, stuff seems to be moving around a little. Didnt realise security was now right outside admin until we got there; they seem to be well on the ball right now. Thought we had been well collard at one point as we heard movement from the upstairs of a ward, laid low for half an hour or so, saw lots of pigeons leaving buildings and heard more sounds like someone moving around. It was security or maybe other explorers, i didnt fancy much like hanging about. Few pics..






Viva Cane Hill...

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