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Report - - 6/4/08 - Auxiliary Unit Operational Base. Swallow Lincs | Military Sites |

Report - 6/4/08 - Auxiliary Unit Operational Base. Swallow Lincs

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From 'Defence of Britain' website

Description: Auxiliary hide, consisting of a buried 'Stanton'-type shelter with attached nissen style corrugated iron chamber: a small pipe leads from this room to the surface - possibly for a radio aerial. Entrance is via a breeze block passage and a shaft exists at one end of the shelter. There are remains of intact wiring associated with the radio chamber and internal brick divisions. A local story has it that a farmer living just to the E of this hide had a cellar containing guns and explosives until he went into hospital between 10 and 20 years ago. The bomb disposal experts were called in to deal with the explosive. The shelter was apparently opened quite recently and many bunks were still intact until the site was vandalised. It has now been cleaned up.

This took a little finding, as it is well hidden (Thankfully, reading the above) A previous visitor had left a small ladder inside the hatch, which made entry and exit much easier.



It was as described in layout, so I wont go into that too much. Down the passage to the main chamber


From the other end toward the entrance. (Note the ladder)



The exit hatch from below.


Exit hatch in nearby field. This looks like it hasn't been touched in a while.


There were two small rooms between the steps and the main chamber. This is supposedly the Radio room. No evidence of wires was seen. It was a little difficult to get a full pic.


The chamber reportedly having been cleaned out, there was still remaining evidence of the wooden bunks. (you can see where the canvas straps were pinned to the wood) Note the rust mark on the wall. Possibly from wires? Or just the re-enforcing for the concrete?


Pipes from the 'Radio room' visible on the surface.


I wonder how many people have walked/ridden down this track, not knowing there was a hidden chamber underneath. I certainly did (And I was looking for it!!)

One hatch is in the wood to the left. The main chamber crosses the path and the exit hatch is in the field on the other side of the hedgrow on the right


Needless to say, the hatch was replaced and is as well hidden as when I first found it. You will find it, if you know what you are after, but the casual passer by will not.

Very interesting find. There are said to be more in the area. The search continues.



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
My god mate, that is superb! I dont think i have ever seen one in such good condition!
With regards to radios and being more in the area, a seperate group (Of which even less information exists that the Aux units) called the Special Duties Branch used to operate in the same areas as the Aux units, so likely some of them about. They were manned by civvies and were basically command radio networks all over the country comprising out stations and one main "Zero" station.