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Report - 70 Mark Lane - London - May 2014


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The other day I decided to take a stroll around the walkie talkie to see if I could figure out a way in, once I'd figured out all I needed to know I headed off and discovered this brand new office building being built a couple of blocks away. With just a heras fence between me and a stairwell going right up to the roof I figured it was worth coming back for a closer look. As it happened I was picking up a wide angle lens from somebody a couple of hours later so I decided to make a return visit that night to play with my new toy.

I went alone at about midnight and picked my moment carefully to go over the fence while no-one was around. It's a really quiet street so I was a bit gutted when some dude appeared from around the corner and clocked me on top of the fence, I gave him a 'are you cool?' kind of look and he stared at the ground the rest of the way down the street as if he hadn't seen a thing. I thought fuck it he's cool, let's go. Once inside the ground floor was well lit but there were no cameras anywhere to be seen so I quickly made my way around the back of the stairwell and all the way up to the roof. Straight away I could see the views were pretty sensational from up there, on one side the Gherkin, then the Walkie Talkie, the Shard, Tower Bridge, plus you could make out St Pauls and the London Eye in the distance amongst other things. The crane on the roof took me another 2 or 3 storeys higher and the views were even better from up there, especially from up the ladder above the cab. It's not the highest roof but the views are worthwhile, I spent a good few hours up there in the end and was pretty stoked with myself for finding it.

A little bit of info from t'internet: 70 Mark Lane is a brand new office building providing 170,000 Sq Ft of Grade A office accomodation over 15 floors. A dramatic louvered glass roof provides protection to the terraced winter gardens on the uppermost six floors. This striking development adjacent to Fenchurch Street station is 50% pre-let and will be completing in Q4 2014.

The pics: a fairly new scenario for me so still learning but I loved every minute of taking these, hope you enjoy them.

The Walkie Talkie, gave it a go a couple of nights later but there's a certain padlock getting in the way at the moment


Minster Court, one of the main hubs of the financial industry in London




















Thanks for looking y'all :thumb


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Rik UE

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Cracking photographs!!

Need to have a look a this place myself :)

I can just imagine the scene though getting clocked on the fence! Lol made me chuckle, not funny at the time i expect :)


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Thanks very much everyone, the clock is ticking so time is of the essence if you fancy going up there! Still very easy though, I've been 4 times with various people now :D

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