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Report - 9 Hours at Pyestock

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Yes another pystock report! but i shall try and make it interesting for you and avoid posting many pics of what we have allready seen!

Met up with Dab at 6:30am aiming to get down to Fleet for 9:30ish to meet Ether and Fieldy. Turned out the trip only took 2 hours so we were early! After a stroll through the woods we entered the site and headed straight for the nearest building. Through luck more then judgement it turned out to be the huge 'Air House' that peopel have been posting loads of pics of. Me and Dab took a look around for a couple of hours, took many pics and signed the whiteboard amungst other things!


The Lower level of the Air House


Upper level


Empty unfortunatly


Comedy Key, there are 10000s in theis place!


The pigeon feather made me chuckle


Behind the Air House control panel


Inside one of the air filtration?? rooms

The others turned up at around 10 so me and the D.A.B headed over to check out the famous Altitude test cell and then on to the number 10 compressor building to find our 2nd control room.


Inside the altatude test chamber (the cool blue thing!:thumb )


No. 10 compressor control board

From the No. 10 compressor house we walked over to the building i choose to call the 'Star Trek Building' for obvious reasons! We took the top entrance across loads of catwalks and pipes and stuff. This place is massive!




So much bigger then it looks!


Looking out


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Re: 9 Hours at Pyestock - A Report

After these 3 we were starting to think we had seen 'most' of it but a quick look at the map showed we had only covered about 20%! We headed over toward some of the site we didnt recognise from other peoples pics, First stop the 'Plant House'. This was a huge building, almost as big as the airhouse with several big compressors in the centre and loads of test 'cubicals' on each side each with their own little control room. Then there was one big control room covering the whole building! This one proved a little tricky but a comedy entrance through the ceiling was well worth the effort!


Inside the plant house


A cubical control room (most are trashed :( )


Dab checking out the main control room (quite mint in comparison)


Those green panels again


External controls

After the 'Plant House' We discoverd a small building which housed another huge control room! (beggining to see the theme here!:rolleyes: ) It was a bit trashed compared to the others and also pitch black but it did have cool 'block walls' which you could move around to spell out stuff ;) Oh and plenty of cosmo magazines to keep Fieldy entertained :gay




Wasting time

Next we went off looking for the Power station but insted ended up in 'Battle House' which i think was probably used for some kind of combustion testing if the posters were true. Not much in there that took my fancy to photo im afrade, spent most of the time looking at old maps and other junk in the offices.


Official visitor

From Battle house we could see the powerstation so we headed over that direction, i managed to aquire a nice 'dweeb style' Donkey Jacket on the way which kept me warm! :gay The powerstation itself was a bit dissapointing but it did have the best control room evar! sitting on its own at the end of a external corridoor it didnt look like it had been touched since the 50s! One of the highlights of the site if you ask me, i loved the way the leaking glass brick skyligh above the desk had staind the desk and floor in a uniform grid pattern. My pics dont do it justice! :(



Power station control room






Generator stuff


Great retro phone

After the powerstation it was about 4pm and starting to get dark. We had been there quite a while so we dicided to head back. On the way back we had a poke around some of the smaller buildings. We found one that contained some kind of underground test cell, Went about 5-6 stores below ground and you could walk through the 'wind tunnel' quite a way. It was like something out of a sci fi movie.


underground test cell


Sinister doors


Ether in the wind tunnel

Leading from this building there were lot of tunnels going off in several direction but as it was getting late we only checked out the one that ended up coming out under an admin type building. From here we made our way back across the site in the dark and finlay back home!

Best Explore Ever! :D


Re: 9 Hours at Pyestock - A Report

Might as well add these as they are not worthy of their own thread on their own. As i was using my phones camera the quality is not great, why only 2 of about 20 pictures of the place are worth posting :mad: . We were only in there an hour of so thats why i only managed so few, + it was getting dark when we got there. Took these on 13/1/07.



I need to find out where all this cool underground stuff is :thumb: .