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Information - A Case For Insurance and Camera Armour


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Hi guys,



Whilst I was out last night the wind picked up my camera and it's tripod and dropped them onto a concrete floor. I don't have insurance and I didn't have any armour on my camera, so I'm screwed. I'm not saying that I'd be feeling anyless gutted with the a350 being my first DSLR and all, but I might not now have to find a couple of hundred note from thin air at a time when everybody is skint and I've got housing issues to sort.

Has anybody had damage this repaired?

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I claimed through my house insurance for loss of a G10, then total loss by damage of a 400D a year later. Went through to fraud department, had to get it resolved by way of formal banking complaint. It also put restrictions on my amount of cover, plus I lost NCB.


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Having just taken my camera for a swim in a drain...I feel for you pal, I considered claiming on home insurance too but the ncb would be screwed.
Hope you manage to sort it :thumb


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one of the thanet lads just sold one of these for 140quid in good condition. The sonys are so cheap used you would prbably be better off replacing it once you have paid insurance and excess mate.


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If you get insurance make sure you look at excess. Covered mine, excess was more than the damage and they wouldnt cover it
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