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Report - A Courageous Brewery, Reading September 2010


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Jaff and Havoc.

After a monumental train fuck-up, I finally rolled into Reading Station many hours late and met Havoc and Jaff in their explorer-mobile. We quickly made our way into the brewery with no problems and started mooching around the shiny stainless-steel wonderment. We reached the behemoth of beer storage depots which was impressive even to a tee-totaller like myself. I wanted to run across the big stacks of pallets in the style of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ahh good times :)

Somehow, we managed to miss the brewing hall-what an epic fail although to be fair, none of us had really seen many photos of the brewery before deciding to go there. At one point in the proceedings, we spotted a guard in one of the control rooms but luckily, we legged it and hid until he carried on with his patrols, unaware of our presence.

Here's the photos:





















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