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Video Report - A Dark Hallam Tower | Sheffield | Jan 2017


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Dare you check in to the Hallam Tower Hotel?

This is a very popular place to explore in Sheffield so we left it till last on our list so we could film it at night. If you go beware of holes in the floor and open elevator shafts. Well worth a look while its still around a new housing estate is being planned to be built in its place

The hotel was one of the first such venues built since the end of the Second World War, constructed in 1963 at a cost of £1million. The building boasted 136 bedrooms across eleven floors, employing over 140 staff and occupying three and a half acres in total.
By 1986, the building had changed to the Hallam Tower Post House Hotel, with a £750,000 refurbishment. Its new gym suite was opened in 1987 by Sheffield Wednesday manager Howard Wilkinson and boxer Herol Graham.

In various other guises, the hotel became Forte Crest Sheffield, Posthouse Sheffield and in 2001, Holiday Inn Sheffield West.
The hotel closed in 2004 and the building sold for more than £6million. Since then, various redevelopment proposals to turn it into residential accommodation have been mooted, but none became a reality.
In 2015, The Star reported the building will be demolished for a set of luxury apartments costing £300,000 apiece, as well as £495,000 homes you can design yourself.


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28DL Full Member
It was late at night and i was with some photographers and they wanted to go at night
And im more of a film maker than a photographer it doesnt interest me as much but i know what you mean but each to their own.

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