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Report - A Famous 747 - Surrey UK- May 2011


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Hi guys,

Been a while since i have posted a report on here, but this i had to share....

I was at a track day at said location and saw the 747 and some other aircraft in the background, so as i had my camera gear with me i thought it to be very rude and a let down to the urbex community if i didnt take a look ;) it was a bit of a trek accross a field and was very live with activity however we managed to get accross and have around 2.5hours here!

So was taking quite a few external shots, setting up HDR's etc, when i saw the stairs leading to the door of the 747, so gave it a quick tug and a push, and Voila!! we were in!!

Also saw a newspaper which had the same date as the Explore, Exactly 6 years to the day! How freaky!! :eek:

Anyway this is what Wiki has on it....

A Boeing 747-200 which served with British Airways until 2002 as City of Birmingham, G-BDXJ, was purchased by Aces High Limited, a company specialising in supplying aircraft for television and film work, and transferred to Dunsfold.

It was modified and used for filming for the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale. Some of the scenes set at Miami International Airport were filmed at Dunsfold. It has also appeared in the background of numerous Top Gear episodes and directly in an episode where it is towed by a JCB Fastrac tractor. It was also towed by a Volkswagen Touareg in a 2006 Fifth Gear episode, the same year that the modified aircraft and Dunsfold Airfield were featured in a television advertisement filmed for the Volkswagen Touareg, demonstrating the vehicle's towing ability. In 2008 it featured in an episode of Scrapheap Challenge in which contestants created machines to tow the aircraft.[citation needed] Modifications to the aircraft include the removal of the existing Rolls Royce engines and replacement with twin mount engines, similar to those fitted to aircraft such as the B-52 Heavy Bomber.

The aircraft was a major feature in Primeval on the 18 April 2009, in which it was nearly eaten by a dinosaur.

The plane was also used in the 2009 BBC production of The Day Of The Triffids, in the scene where Bill Masen woke up in its engine nacelle.

All images can be seen at http://s949.photobucket.com/albums/ad331/jaycass1/Casino Royale 747/

So on with some pics.......



















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