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A Life in Ruins - 100 Photos From 10 Years of Exploring the UK


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A stellar collection of sites and impossible to fault the effort represented by these photos or the quality of the photography.

Where next ?


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Ive already done 3 or 4 places that would be contenders get into this list and its been less than a month! Its all still out there!

Chelt original

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amazing stuff :)

ive been loosely doing it for 7ish years but have probably done fewer place in those years than youve done in the same amount of months lol
and didnt find 28days till 2009 when chris from bduk pointed it out to me!
ive not been on here for quite a while now but during the past 2 weeks ive been doing some late night/ early morning 28day surfing
and have only just found this! well pleased i did, its superb.

thanks for taking the time,
talking of time im off out for the 4th visit to a huge local site in a few hours and ive got to try and get some sleep.

amazing amazing amazing :)


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Looks like you've put a lot of effort into this! Well done mate, wicked photos you've got there as well :thumb


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Speed - What an excellent post. I consider that I've done a fair few sites, but when I see just how many on your short list I haven't done, I see how wrong I am.

It's obvious that you've put your heart and soul into this game, and you have reaped the benefits.

Thanks for posting!

Miss Mayhem

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Stunning, it's amazing how much you have seen in those ten years,
Time defiantly well spent : )
I love the tube station, thanks for sharing :thumb


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Amazing career there. I particularly like how shifty you look in pic 22 ;o)


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Brilliant, just brilliant.
Is there report on your explore of the Bawdsey rotor station? I would love to see any pictures of the place as I did my training there in 1969 and served there for a few months in 1971.
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