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A Life in Ruins - 100 Photos From 10 Years of Exploring the UK


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Some mental stuff in there; an asbestos mill?! And RAF Fauld?!!!

Great pics, nicely done. I salute you Sir.


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Nice collection there. You've been to some amazing sites!
Really nice photos too, you seem to have captured the spirit of the places well.


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I signed up just to say, incredible work, amazing photos!

Did you do a report on the LDV factory or the West Bromwich Spring company? I read David Wakelam's report on the Spring factory but it seems a very strange situation. Owner that doesn't turn up, thousands of pounds worth of gear just left sitting?

The LDV factory looks like you were in during a night shift and happened to get a shot with nobody about? It still looks fully used. Amazing!


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It makes me super happy I was present for nearly half of these. Some crazy years of adventure.


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Now there is a memory - a machine n Fletchers paper-mill which I operated in the summer of 1978 to earn a few quid before I went off to university!!

You sir, have produced probably the best album of perfectly formed photos that I have ever seem......respect!


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I joined this site only recently as i want to immerse myself into the Urbex scene.

I had no idea how much is out there and i cant wait to get started.

You've just increased my curiosity by 100% so thank you :)


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Thank you for inspiring me to Urbex in Suffolk! It was seeing your amazing pictures from Ipswich Sugar Beet Factory many years back which motivated me to visit the site and cross the fence to the 'prohibited side'. Ipswich can be a very boring place, but the small pockets of industrial dereliction scattered around the place can provide hours of photographic entertainment! Its good you've managed to visit some of the sites during their pristine-derelict period (before the chavs or bulldozers ruined whatever was left. Although there is little left in Suffolk, keep up the good work! You never fail to impress :D (by the way, I understand there is an old derelict railway office dating back from the 1960s along Wherstead Road at the site of the former motive power depot. Although the whole site, apart from that building, has been developed and the office has been derelict probably since the late 1990s, I've never seen or heard any mention of it... It looks trashed but maybe worth a visit...?)


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Still think this is just an epic, epic thread. Credit to you matey. Be interesting to know which ones are still there!

I remember my first very well too, derp wise Severalls as well.


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3,4,5,6,7,8, technically 9, 11,12, a bit of 13, 15, part of 17, the silos at 18, the shell of 19,20, 21,22,23,24,29, part of 31,32,33 etc etc..

So yeh most of it is still there but the opportunity to actually explore it is probably well passed now. Its all about whats coming along next.