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A Photo Thread About Boilers & Boiler Rooms


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One subject curiously missing from this photo threads sub-forum. I'm a big fan of boiler rooms and boilers in abandoned locations, it would seem that every medium-sized and upward place has one somewhere to provide heat and they sometimes are one of the only things left in place if somewhere is stripped.

The gorgeous brick-encased boilers are my personal favourites however I'll pretty much take any and all that come my way.

Have some boilers from over the years, this is just a selection of some of the ones I have shot and the ones that immediately sprung to my mind when typing this out - hopefully many more of you have some to add as well.


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Good idea @mookster, love a good boiler, whether it be an early hand-stoked Lancashire or Cornish type with lots of brass and thick glass gauges, large chain-grate, or the more recent oil fired ones. I've seen a fair few over the years, most of them included here:

_DSC8132 3.jpg

Starting off with the fantastic upright boiler at St. Joes, what I imagine must be a very rare survival these days

_DSC7340 3.jpg

_DSC8643 3.jpg

Lancashire boilers converted to water tanks and covered in asbestos at Hartford Mill

DBD_3990 3.jpg

DBD_1191 3.jpg

International Combustion chain-grate boilers at Tullis Russell power station

_DSC8395 3.jpg

The much less exiting boiler house at Lostock, originally oil-fired but later converted to coal

_DSC1161 3.jpg

A nice oil-fired boiler by Ruston & Hornsby, built in 1965

_DSC7172 3.jpg

Another vintage oil-fired boiler with nice control panel

_DSC2291 3.jpg

The dull, characterless modern equivalent

_DSC0131 3.jpg

A typical small-scale old boiler, used to heat a cinema at an airfield

DBD_3312 3.jpg

Finally a few battered old boilers in Cornwall's clay country

DBD_3382 3.jpg

Old Cornish boiler partly cut up for scrap in its original location. Note the sand between the inner and outer layers

DSC_3931 3.jpg

The small end section of a Lancashire boiler, the boiler would have originally come up to the wall on the left

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