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Report - A. R. Heathcote & Co, Sheffield - November '11


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Last visited by dweeb in 2007 or so it would seem.

According to dweeb,
Another cutlrey conquest, although they actually made machine knives, guillitine blades etc, as well as "Park" brand knives. A very old works with loads of charactor, although it has been derelict for many years and nature has taken it's toll. Also much sign of Skag heads... in one room a "bedroom" had been set up with posters on the wall and all sorts
However upstairs was better preserved with company records, displys and offices surviving intact. A nice little glimpse into the past.
Sadly, this cannot be said about the place in its current state. It's been mostly demolished or just broken by the elements and there is hardly anything still in existence pertaining to its former glory.
Whilst in there, a guy with a bag containing what looked like a can of beans came in, nodded towards me, stared at the place a bit then left. :confused
I'm also a little annoyed that I didn't see inside the building in the middle of the plot of land, but I didn't much like the fact that the floor was collapsed in many places (and the last time I went near a collapsing floor I tried to stop myself falling through by grabbing at barbed wire. I've still got gashes all over my arms.) Not sure if it's really worth a report but I've had a slow month so feel free to shove it in the pit.
Also, flash was used because I wasn't planning on exploring that day and didn't have a tripod or torch.

Anyway, on with the pics!





[6 - "The Bad Zone"]





[11 - Some attempt at restoration?]


It may not be much, but thanks for looking! :thumb


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