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A sad announcement to make


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Really sorry to read this, enjoy both of your reports. Everything crossed for her continuing recovery.

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Sorry to hear this and glad to see things have hopefully improved a little since the initial post.
Thoughts are with you and have some understanding as to what you must be going through.


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Mate I hope she pulls through.

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Time for an update:

Two weeks have now passed, she is still with us. The organs are all back to normal functionality (we had multi-organ failure at one point) and no sign of infection. Still on the ventilator in induced coma.

An attempt was made to bring her out of the induced coma on friday but that failed as she came out delirious (this is common) and she was sedated again. Right now the sedation has been minimised a lot and the eyes have been seen flickering open and she occassionally reponds to verbal commands. She remains on a ventilator but initiating each breath. They are more slowly lifting the induced coma than last time. Tomorrow they will try and bring her completely back in to the consicious world. I will of course be there myself.

This is all positive. Although we are taking months of rehabilitation to recover from here with the muscle wastage (2% muscle wastage per day while she is in this state), loss of memory and the effect it does to mental wellbeing (ICU often causes PTSD in surviving patients). All of this is recoverable with time but it is a very long road.

The tide is turning. We can start to think now when she comes home as opposed to if.

Kevin (stop calling me Bertie by the way, as if my handle name is my real legal name!)


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Only just seen this Kevin, but I'm pleased to hear that she is still with us and the prognosis is not as bleak as when you first started the thread. My thoughts are with you and the family x


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Kevin - will be thinking about you both tomorrow and sending you positive vibes. All the best....


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Absolutely Brilliant news to hear, a positive turn in events. Wishing the best for the forthcoming time.
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Only just seen this but thoughts are with you and your family xx fingers crossed for a healthy recovery too xx
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