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Report - A Sunday stroll run the NGTE, Pyestock July 2011


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It began in the traditional way, an offer, a flurry of texts, a rendezvous in a car park miles from our target to collect TBM and Landie man, the need for supplies putting us behind schedule, another rendezvous to collect Zotez.
Then the long walk to our prefered access point - spotting security on the way - only to find that in a flagrant breach of tradition the fence had been replaced and access was going to take a bit more effort. Just as we were becoming resigined to calling "Fail" on the whole thing an opportunity presented itself and with Ewoks on my mind we made our way through the trees.
Never mind Ewoks, we would probably have made less noise riding through Pyestock's woods on the back of Elephants (With TBM using refusing to speak and signing like a demented and incomphesible mime just adding to the comedy). We hit the deck to hide from the sounds of another patrol which is where I picked up a bunch of painful insect bites. And then onwards... We had less time than we'd planned but stayed later, doing the key bits of our plan (which was for me to play tour guide and ensure the others got to see the airhouse and Cell 4)
I'm sad to report the airhouse has sufferred new damage in the months since I was last there: the offices have been trashed and the control room windows smashed - one room full of Lead-Acid batteries has been smashed up and we saw some signs of seepage which might be from there, so extra care about what you touch and step in is called for. By comparison cell 4 is as I remember it on my first visit.
With time against us we made our way out the way we had come in -with me stabbing myself in our efforts to leave everything as close as we could to how we found it.
You've seen the pictures before but for those who think you can never have too many pictures of Pyestock.


In the small control room on the North side of cell 4

Turbine set on the North side of cell 4 - control room on the right of shot.


Partners in ... well not crime, no, definitely nothing crimal going on. Looking out from inside Cell 4.

My camera has built in HDR - it takes 3 shots with different shutter speeds and merges them itself. On this is a comparison between HDR and normal. HDR doesn't need to make your eyes bleed.

Possibly the most photographed doorway in urb-ex


Another one which everyone has - this time in the airhouse


I like old paperwork.

Air house

Note Zotez for scale half way up the right hand edge. Did I mention I love this Sigma 10-20mm (this is at 14mm)

Looking out through the broken window of the airhouse control room