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Report - A2B, Manchester - January 2012.


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A2B, Manchester

The Davyhulme outfall sewers hold many surprises along the way to the works

Enough people have put time in over the years and nuff respect to everyone involved, you know who you are ;)

There is still more to see in Manchester, and given the right timing it will happen believe!

This particular piece of the jigsaw, although known by many has also eluded...

Rewind more than 12 months, and I attempted to show NCKT this, but despite full UU attire we encountred one C**T of a secca

I had almost dismissed it until I had seen that NCKT had since returned with ConcreteJungle to take another look (fair play) :thumb

Circumstances have changed at this site somewhat in recent months so I decided to solo it back and grab a few pics of my own

Essentially home to 'P4' Penstock, this is a balancer between the Davyhulme 'B' & 'A' outfall sewers, hence the P4/A2B naming, either way a no brainer really :p

Sorry about the shit pics, but despite the lack of rain, the system was in full flow, it was misty and confined as fuck with a bewildering amount of water dropping from above, despite the lack of rain for 24 hours :confused

After lifting one of Stantons finest, I descended the the 30ft brick shaft via the age old step irons


Through the keyhole at the bottom of the shaft, a 1.8m Egg brick overflow from the Davyhulme 'B' Outfall Sewer,

which acting as a balancer was a raging torrent this evening


Above in a small alcove a functional rusty wheel used to manually raise & lower the 'P4' Penstock below


P4- Shit be getting real, next stop a real treat ;)

before hitting Upper Lock stock (P3) & Packin' More Heat (P2)



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