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Report - Abandoned Factory Usrus in Poland - February 2018


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Looks like they demolished a lot already. Still some interesting stuff though


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That burnt out car on the dolly trailer is an FSO Polonez. They used to sell them over here in the late 80's early 90's. They were on old Polski/Fiat running gear (similar to the Ladas) with the same shitty engines. My dad used to be a mechanic at the FSO dealership in Donny. He said the patterns and tooling for the engine castings was so totally fooked and worn out, that they used to have head gaskets with thin and thick surfaces on them in different places to make up for the imperfections on the head and block faces. There were about eight different gaskets to choose from depending on which machine made the castings!
My mate Marek from Poland reckons they were still producing these heaps well into the 2000's, but were fitting them with Rover 'K' Series engines (from the rover 25's) instead because all the old engine casting patterns were completely worn out.
'K' Series engine Another pile of crap. Hands up how many people owned a rover and had the head gasket replaced more than once???


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Loving the old rusty Polonez on the trailer. Pretty much the only way you're going to see one of those these days!