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Report - Abandoned Forest Centre near Stewartby, Beds.

Guy Anderson

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi Everyone,

This is our first report and it’s hopefully an interesting one, as it was an accidental find and hasn’t been entered yet.

We were driving around Stewartby near Bedford, trying to find a way into the old London Brickworks, but gave up when we saw a woman go into the security guards hut, while some Eastern European looking gangsters, did some sort of deal, inside the grounds, involving an old Rolls Royce?

We gave up and kept driving out of Stewartby and onto a country lane. We’d gone 1/4 of a mile when we found this place.

We couldn’t get it. Every padlock looks new and sturdy, but the CCTV looks knackered, so unfortunately we couldn’t gain access. It’s a dilemma when you want to be the first in, but won’t break in yourself.

I’m happy to trespass, but breaking and entering, as well as theft are eroding the time capsules we so desperately seek.

We’ll take another look soon, just in case someone gets in. There’s a few more places close by, like the pug research centre and the RAF base, that we’d love to explore, so we’re happy to make a day/night of it, if anyone knows the area.

Farina and Guy









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