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Report - Abandoned haikyo island, Japan, Oct 2011


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I recently returned from a trip to Okinawa, one of the southernmost Japanese islands, with picturesque beaches and beautiful blue waters. Of course, I had to check out some of the local urbex while there. One particular location that struck me was this tiny haikyo island. (Haikyo is the Japanese word for 'abandoned place', synonymous with 'urbex' out here.)

Once connected to the mainland, the islet (allegedly nick-named 'Dolphin Island') used to house both a restaurant overlooking the sea and a small aquarium, carved out of the bare rock itself. Now though, one must wade through chest-height waters in order to reach its shore, and carefully watch the rising tide to make a safe trip back (with dry camera equipment).

Here are some pictures, with the full report and extra shots here:

Dolphin Island Haikyo


The approach to the island across sparkling waters.


The entrance, once a proud white veneer.


Interior shot of the restaurant.


The abandoned aquarium tanks.


Detail shot with some great natural decay. So much better than graffiti.


Secret Shinto shrine hidden inside a cave on the island.


I almost got caught by the tide on the way back, having to wade through water at chin height, holding my bags containing hundreds of pounds of camera equipment above my head. Just about made it without losing my footing though. Certainly one of the more unique explores I've ever done!
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