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Video Report - Abandoned Home of Mr Fox

The Lone Ranger

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For me as soon as I saw it was 14 minutes long I stopped watching, to date there has been very few urban exploring video's that warrants me wasting that amount of my time. In the main it's not a format that works for exploring, even the good ones gets a bit tedious; you can't beat some stunning photos and an interesting write up :thumb

I may be wrong so will be interested in other comments.


A Porky Prime Cut
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I've been guilty of it myself in the past. A ten + minute video maybe great document for yourself and whoever went with you, but it will soon lose the attention of everyone else.

scotty markfour

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28DL Full Member
nice explore , nice video ,,,but peoples attention span has shortened in the modern world , still photography would of done for this explore , well done on finding this lovely derp @Madjamfree