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Report - Abandoned Horse Stable and Pigeon Farm - Yate: June 2017


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Hello – Time for my second report.

There doesn’t seem to be much history on this place, what I do know is that it was a small agricultural site within the boundaries of Yate called Amberley Lodge (Or Farm I was particularly tired that day) I asked around some of the locals and I managed to decipher that it had been a stable block before becoming disused around 6-8 years ago. The farm was originally owned by the large house next door, which is also vacant and next on my list to explore. However, the land was sold off by the lodge for reasons unknown before they both became vacant. The land was recently acquired for redevelopment, so I decided it was time to give the place an explore, as I have missed out on other places due to redevelopments.

When I initially entered the site, I was met by a large looming barn which I have been interested about for the past couple of weeks, discovering it whilst going on a little stake out regarding another site I had seen on Google Maps. It had turned out that the building contractors had gotten there before me so when I was making my way back home, I had seen this barn out of the corner of my eye.

When I first entered the site, I was unimpressed – The barn, although very interesting in the way of structure, had nothing particularly interesting within. The odd little stables consisted of little in the way of history to be photographed, the odd little sheet of paper with some names – a broken window or two, but besides that? Basically nothing.

I was just about to make my way off, counting my loses and researching new places to visit when I noticed a small little shed. I came to the conclusion that as I was there, why not just give it a whirl? However, it turned out to be the best decision of the explore, as bore me with 4-5 little pigeon houses within this heavily over grown area. These showed me that the house next door had been breeding pigeons alongside running this small farm. The structures were beautiful, with lovely internal walls.

As I made my way around these little huts, I found a concrete Shed that was just stuffed with wood. I decided to venture in, although admittedly it was not necessarily a good idea, I discovered these beautiful bicycles that had been completely consumed by rust and general age. I also saw these lovely little cages, which I assume kept some of the birds in – based upon what I had found so far.

This place just kept giving.









The Pigeon Houses









Concrete Shed







I hope you have enjoyed this report. It isn't much, but it was most certainly a different explore to the usual stuff I come across.

Next Stop... This place...


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Greeat photos, however I'd prefer less cooking of the colours... just sayin'
Thank you for the comment, looking back - I totally agree, I stupidly shot Jpeg when I knew I was going to edit them afterwards, so sparky I wasnt able to make the edits I wanted to do. Notably the scarecrow, the clouds are pretty gnarly from the edit - also with the dog house, the blue sky came out brown!

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